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EvE Vision

Pilot your robot around your home and see what your EvE robot sees. EvE vision lets you see into another dimensions and fight augmented reality aliens and save the galaxy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions.

Who is making Project EvE Game?

Project EvE Game was created by co-founders Amie Dansby and Tim Kennedy at ATAT Tech.

What is Project EvE Game?

The first US robotics, augmented reality video game. Drive your physical Project Eve robot that has a camera mounted on the front, which is its “EvE Vision” that allows you and the robot to see into this alternate dimension where these aliens can be seen, fought and destroyed. Game play is Augmented reality.

Awesome! Where can I buy a robot for Project EvE Game?

Glad you asked! We will be launching our Indiegogo Certificated through Arrow.com campaign in 2017, sign up for our newsletter for special backer discounts and info on our launch date.


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